Happy chicken’s eggs

Traditionally, until the late 1970’s, most of the families of our village lived on the agriculture. Far into the 1960’s, Gasthaus Stahl covered agriculture, viniculture and hotel business , as likely known to us from our grandparents. At that time, the eldest son, Erich Stahl, took over the guesthouse together with the vineyard and developed it to what it is of today. Both, horse stable and chicken house were rebuild as guest premises, and the barn gave way for new guest rooms, too.

As the number of guests increased throughout the 60’s, the second eldest son, Hans Stahl, took over the cows, pigs, horses and acres . Together with the agriculture, he settled down at the outskirts of the village. Here, consistently the family took the initiative, and as of today, they are selling their products on location in their farm shop, right away to their customers, while not having any overregulated intermediary trade.

Without having to be afraid of swine fever or BSE, the customer may enjoy the family’s assortement of premium meat and sausages.

And thus, the guests of Gasthaus Stahl knew the true promise of the farmhouse’s fresh breakfast eggs and its premium meat and sausages of controlled cultivation.